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How to speak so that others listen

People don't always listen when we need them to. When we fail to be heard, it's often for the same simple reasons which can be encapsulated in 3 thoughts.

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How to win an argument

Some would say that there are no winners in a conversation that turns into an argument. I happen to disagree.

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How to get to know people - quickly.

How can we behave as a team when we can't get to know, and therefore trust, the other people around us? Might it be really useful to know how to get beyond the 'best behaviour' phase, quickly. And what might these conversations sound like?

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Feelings at work. When, why and how?

Feelings are an essential element in decision-making and yet we still tend to deny that they belong at work. So if they do... when, why and how do we go about expressing them without looking foolish, out of control or 'emotional'?

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How to get your client to stop talking.

Think of the most important people in your work life: your clients, boss, colleagues, your team. Do you know what to do when they are stuck in a talking loop and won't stop?

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