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10 Big ideas from 2014

What to write about at the end of the blogging year... a look into the future? A delve into the past? Or a rummage through a bag of once useful useful but now forgotten thoughts?

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Feedback. Myths and Realities.

Feedback has to be one of the most overused and least understood words in corporate waffle. What is feedback, how do you do it well and what nonsense must be avoided.

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How to get someone to change their mind

The difference between debate and discussion is that the people in a debate are in competition to win by force: personality, logic or seniority. But achieving capitulation is not the same as gaining commitment...

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How to say "no"

A quick glance at Wikipedia will make you realise that the social issue around the word “no” is a particularly Western European obsession. It could even be said that we have created a social faux pas simply by being sparing with words. So what to do?

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How to speak so that others listen

People don't always listen when we need them to. When we fail to be heard, it's often for the same simple reasons which can be encapsulated in 3 thoughts.

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