Behaviour and the psychology behind it is our thing. Specifically, we turn strategy into behaviour... Individual, Team and Organisational

Individuals often know what they want to achieve but then behave in a way that doesn't get them what they want. Teams say they want one thing but then don't behave towards the outcome. Organisations, or rather their leaders, come up with a 'vision' that they hope will come true if only they can talk about it often enough - with lots of passion of course.

We help our clients to see the links between the vision and the behaviour required to deliver it. Our goal is always to stimulate genuine, emotionally and intellectually driven development in the best direction of travel. We concentrate on drawing good things out rather than forcing 'best practise' in.

Paul Furey, our founder, began this business in 1989 in response to a demand for a mechanism for change that went deeper than training. The way we work now is based on the best of current psychological theory, lots of practise, quite a few mistakes and one or two 'YES!' moments along the way. 

2-minute model

How to Say Sorry

2-Minute Models: A quick, fun piece of practical psychology. This one's about apologies. The problem is that they don't always have the effect that we intend... often because we've said sorry too quickly. Take a look at the alternative.

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