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Feelings at work. When, why and how?

Feelings are an essential element in decision-making and yet we still tend to deny that they belong at work. So if they do... when, why and how do we go about expressing them without looking foolish, out of control or 'emotional'?

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How to get your client to stop talking.

Think of the most important people in your work life: your clients, boss, colleagues, your team. Do you know what to do when they are stuck in a talking loop and won't stop?

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Why we stop learning

People say that 'you never stop learning'. Nice thought. Why do we seem to find it so hard to really absorb new material and to learn to do things exceptionally well?

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Tiger vs. colleague

We tend to react to unpleasant events around the office as if they were life threatening - why do we do it and how can we help ourselves to think straight when it counts?

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What's in a pause?

What will people think when I stop talking at the moment that I am supposed to be delivering an answer? My intuition may tell me that people will switch off or think me incompetent. So what really happens when I pause to think and when I don't?

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