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Conversations can glue people together. We use them to share ideas, to get to know one another, to ask for help and to lend it. Despite all that practise, we still manage to upset one another on a regular basis. How come and what can we do about it?

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How to stand up for a good idea

When we have a brilliant idea for the world or get on a mission, things can go wrong. Perspective and proportion can get lost and feelings may take over. But it's not all bad news...

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How to get the boss to listen

Most of us have stakeholders, some of us have shareholders, we all have a boss. These different people must often be brought around to a point of view that they did not wake up with that morning.

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5 words that wreck conversations

Conversations are how we start, grow and maintain relationships. Conversations are how we pass on information, win over an opponent or make someone feel understood. Some words can ruin all that...

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How to fix team conflict

According to a recent CIPD study, 38% of us experienced some form of workplace conflict last year. So, if you want to be able to diffuse things long before they can be safely classified as 'conflict', here's how to take a situation from 'bad' to OK, quickly.

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