What we do

We partner with individuals, groups and organisations to turn their intentions into authentic, ethical, sustainable action: we help you to turn strategy into behaviour.

We don't train stuff into people. We draw the best out.

We concentrate on uncovering and magnifying the best of what you already have in your culture and in your people which is hidden away or silently but brilliantly done.

Ultimately, we want to help you and your organisation to deploy all the existing commercial advantage that you have in your people, to greater effect.

How to use us

You can use us at four levels: culture, organisation, group and individual.

Culture.   The people in organisations need to know how to think of themselves, what tribe they belong to, how to turn up in front of clients and prospects. We help you to uncover what your culture really is and to put words to it so that everyone is on the same page and knows intuitively who they are and how to be it.

Organisation.   Departments and divisions have their own cultures and ways of doing things. We help you to discover what makes each division different, what language it speaks and how the people in those different villages can talk productively to one another so that real, progressive conversations happen between them.

Team.   These are rarely built by careful design and therefore people are often grouped with others that they wouldn’t naturally choose to be with. So teams need to find out how to get things done together and how to have the very conversations that make things happen. We help teams to notice what they’re doing right and show them how they could do more of it. They will mostly figure out the obstacles for themselves.

Individual.   Few of us are taught how to have a conversation or how to construct a relationship. We just cobble things together and try to make friends, get through school and pass interviews. So... we work one-to-one with your people at all levels in the organisation to help them to re-appraise how they interact with people. Mostly we point out how they can use their existing strengths more often to enable them to tackle the most difficult issues that they’re facing.

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